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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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to us in an opening and then there could be that discussion that happens when that does occur. >> i would agree with you and of course, each captain has community leaders that come to discuss the issues and things but it needs to be broader than that because not everyone is comfortable in participating of those types of form and some people have expressed themselves in different ways and those, and can't commit to that type of structure. and i have always known our captains to be for the most part, very flexible in ways that they will receive and give information to our community and we just need to find more offenses, and ask them to be more flexible in this way. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so if there are no other questions from the committee, we do have another candidate who has put his name in. and that is jonathan frank and i am not sure if mr. frank is here and then after mr. frank if he wants to present we can go
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to public comment. do you have any last words? >> no i don't, other than the facts that i would like to say that serving on the police commission it is serves to the community that i think is highly valuable. and it is a passion of mine and i have enjoyed that service, and as hard as it is sometimes, but it is something that i want to because i think that it is valuable work and especially during the times that we are having right now and i would appreciate being returned to that commission. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate your last statement. >> okay. >> is mr. frank here? >> okay, we can open this item for public comment, i don't have any cards, but the people are welcome to come and line up along the wall here, by the doors. to come and speak. >> thank you supervisor avalos, and cohen and tang and i'm tom mazzucco and i
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have served with turman for two years and he is an incredible and honorable man who truly is interested in the community, and you know we have had many and he was my vice president for a year and a half when i was present, and the conversations that we have had and the learning experience that goes both ways, with myself, and in all of the commissioners and you know, the san francisco police commission is really unique and conglomeration of many individuals from backgrounds and different experiences and although a lot of us do have lawyer experience and i think that is necessary in this general day and age the part that the public does not see, when we go through the processes with commissioner thank turman he knows about the due process and the rights of the community and the officers and he does that delicate balancing and sometimes it is a very difficult job and we go into closed session we have to determine whether or not that officer will continue with this department.
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and our first priority is, that no officer who brings discredit upon the department who has done harm to the community will continue but we give them due process and working with commissioner turman it is a great gift and i was driving him home and it would be a loss for the community not to have him as we move into this national dialogue about the police and community relations and the good news is that you said that supervisor avalos we don't have a huge divide but we do have a gap in san francisco, fashion what we will do, and following and we have many pioneers here today, supervisor brown and we have pioneers from the officers of justice and the poa here and we will take this head on and we have been taking it head on and we will close that gap because san francisco and we will do that. >> and so thank you. >> and i urge and i go over and i urge that we repoint him to the commission. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. >> next speaker, please? >> i like to recognize
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former supervisor brown. >> thank you, very much, and i say that commissioner turman embodies character, he is the right chemistry. and the man is competent. and secondly. preferguson, and prestaten island and this gentleman has gone to the community and he has stopped and he has looked and listened and we need that kind of a commissioner. who does that as we admonish our children when we went to school for the first time and after he stopped and look and listened he always says the right thing, number three. the administrator community and the african american community, particularly, the whole year have been engaged in
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conversations. with the commissioner turman. and i am allowed to say that we put him back on there. and good commissioner be made better. >> and the better commission will be made the best. >> we can't lose with this man. with ferguson, staten island, cleveland, north, charleston, south carolina, and in the news, san francisco cannot look the other way. and says that it is not here too. >> we do have challenges in the city. but with a man like mr. turman and the other commissioners who are doing a great job, we will be able to meet the challenge, and bring about the kind of police community relations and in which police will be held accountable and the
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community will be held accountable and we will see ourselves as just human beings working together to make a safer, saner, and stellar community, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> and if you intend to speak, if you would not mind to come up along the walk where the doors are that would be great thank you. >> goods morning. supervisors and members. and thank you for having us here today. i am here to speak on behalf of the african american community, and they have commissioner turman and i have known him for a long long time and we are in and we will be it together and he is the vice president and i would like to say that he has been there for four years and he has done a long walk and this is in everybody's community. and i really like to -- for him and because he has
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nothing to lose and he has proven to be really effective. and he has proven to be just and when you speak everybody is listening, and he always, you always think before you open his mouth and so again, i urge you to do your very best, and we have appoint him seing him as a wonderful, wonderful person and if you do that, you have nothing to lose, thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker please? >> supervisors, i am the president of the officers for justice, and in the audience we do have numerous members who want to stand up and they are support the commissioner turman because of the sophistication and the level of criminal and disciplinary activity that is being demonstrated by law enforcement officers all on cross the nation. and it is obvious that it is becoming far more complex as you have
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indicated, supervisor avalos. and it is considered egregious and because of the nature and the complexity of the cases that will be facing this police commission and other police commissions across the united states, is very important that we have, someone who has, the litigation expertise that commissioner turman has brought to the commission and he has been skillful in that area and he represents not only the african american community but all of the minorities and the lgbt and one man in these vast communities and commissioner turman approached me and other pry minority union groups and asked us to join together in order for us to start diversifying this police department further. and commissioner turman has been responsive when requested to respond to
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the community on issues, he is someone that we can always count on even in the last minute requests and of course, because of the situation that we find ourselves in right now, san francisco has the nation watching, 60 minutes, called me on friday. and they told me sergeant williams and i am telling you right now, as san francisco can't get this right, no one else is going to. we are depending on you supervisors to do the right thing, and to put commissioner turman back in that seat. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> my name is rodny williams. i am a 28-year-old veteran and i came on in 1955 before some of you were born, years ago some of the black officers there were eleven of them and i
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was the 11th one and decided that we needed to form an organization and we got together, and did form an organization. and i had the pleasure of naming it officers for justice and short a will have some of our work was done i was appointed as the first black commanding officer of the unit that was considered the finest police community relations in the united states and that is because we are working very closely are the commissioners and with the community. and we have come a long way since then, and i do believe that things have not necessarily gotten better, but have gotten worse. and as and evidenced by what is happening today in san francisco, and the other police departments, around the country. and i am here to say that i am requesting that and
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the commissioners turman be reappointed and we need him and he has a lot of experience and i don't think that we can afford to let a person like this go. he actively works with the community. and he actively works with us. and we need him. and we need him more today than we have before and thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and thank you for your service. >> next speaker, please? >> commissioner? >> good morning, supervisors, i am here to speak today on behalf of turman and i have known him for 15 years, and when we worked together to bring together the minority bar coalition and the coalition of all of the bar associations here in san francisco and we worked to have all of the bars take a united position on the marriage equality at the time, and we worked on affirming all of the coalitions and support, and against the death penalty, and so i know him to be a
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progressive rich build and her when we had the opportunity to diversify the bar association and to point to the bar members to the board of basif and we are happy to select julius as our representative and we know him as a bridge builder and over the last 15 years, i have seen that type of civil rights advocacy, and i think that now more than ever, as a bridge builder and as a leader in the african american community we need him to be on this commission and i would assure that the board that under the leadership of president, suzy loftus that we are dealing with these issues in a very strong and in a very fair way and that we will take a measured response to the cases that come before us, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner? >> >> good morning, chairman avalos, and supervisor tang and my supervisor, supervisor cohen and thank you so much, and as the president of the police commission i will be very
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frank, i need julius on the commission and i have tremendous respect for his two really important characteristics in public service is his heart and his brains, and he has got a heart for these issues and he is actually a very accomplished lawyer and a partner in a law firm and i could choose to do so many things and so many types of service and he choose to give his time to this commission as we are facing an incredible number of challenges and we will be judge by how we deal with the situation and i know that i speak for my colleagues in saying that he is a partner with us and he has an heft as a lawyer and frankly as a human being that we rely him not only on the policy side but when we were in closed discussing how do we respect the rights and how do we comply with the law and how do we do the right thing, and he is someone that we all rely on, and
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it is important that we have him continuing to serve, with this body, and i really, encouraged by your comments and i would ask to you give him to us, and we need him now more than ever, thank you. >> thank you. president loftus next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors, avalos, and tang and cohen, my name is paul and i am a retired police captain and a formerly commanded. and i am currently the legal defense administrator for the san francisco police officers association and in that capacity, i worked with commissioner turman directly. and i certainly share all of the comments with all of the made by the previous speakers and he is a leader on the commission and when we deal with some of these vexing discipline issues, and the commissioner turman is firm and he will not count as the police misconduct but he is also quite fair and i have worked with him with a number of officers who
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have engaged in transgressions and i found that commissioner turman working and fairly, and establishing the conditions, so that we can, and on occasion, salvage a police officer who can, you know, serve the community and move beyond the mistakes that the officer has made and it has been a pleasure working with him, and these are different times and as we all know and we are going to be working on a number of challenging issues all of us and you can see here today, with and with the poa and his colleagues on the commission and i am sure that the community supports this reappointment and i urge to you do so, and thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> good morning, supervisors my name is maggie scott and i am the executive director for the families in the nation and in charge of the campaign and the president and i come here on behalf of commissioner turman that you would definitely
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consider keeping him. we are at a critical stage in san francisco and regarding diversity and respect and dignity and trying to definitely as a mother who lost a child to gun violence and bringing people together on one accord in the city, was this history of diversity, and removing him will be greatly, and greatly sad and thing to do, because of the work that he has done and his commitment and his dedication and, his skills, and you have heard all of these wonderful people from every department that came here on his behalf for getting rid of them right now would just be devastating to us, who are seeking justice for the murder of our children, and for our communities who faces and in trying to build the community policing, and it will be devastating and getting rid of him right now and so i stand in support of him and i wish that he would take it into consideration in keeping him as we move forward and maintain the level of integrity of respect that
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we have in this city for diversity and we have had our differences but it is time for us to come to the table, and you don't want to get rid of a civil rights advocate who gives us time and doesn't have to, but does. so, i really hope that you will consider keeping him and reinstating him on the commission, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> good morning, commissioners my name is deborah, and i am here on behalf of -- well i am just an out of the blue, san francisco resident con stit ent and i just want to say that i have watched commissioner turman and i have found him to be fearless, focused, and fair. and i would be delighted to see him on the commission, for the san francisco commission again and i would strongly urge you to consider reappointing him again. and i have found it to be fairless, focus and fair and that is critical. right about now.
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thank you. >> thank you. >> estell any more members of the public that would like to comment? >> i will need the overhead to okay. >> okay. >> and you can see. >> hi, my name is (inaudible) and i (inaudible) and i know that the last ten years the police department has changed different, and i have been coming to the commission since 2010. and i know that i want to read this article that i want you to get it, and that you will and it is called forcing the black man out of society and it was in the new york times, sunday, 4-26 and it is so
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important to have this (inaudible) in this, and come to san francisco, and -- (inaudible) the black and being gay and we don't often and we are (inaudible) in this city. and this is what i want you to hear. (inaudible) analysis of the times, 1.5 million missing black men showed up and more than one in every six men and 24 to 54 age group is disappearing from the city live, because they die young or they are lock ad way in prison that means that only 83 black men are outside of the jail for every 100 black women and in contrast -- (inaudible) this is a short -- (inaudible) translight into the marriages and race and out of wed lock births (inaudible) and the 1.5 number is truly started, and it also under estimates -- that the severe -- (inaudible) for
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the african american community, new york times has put in and let you know that you can go through discrimination and racism and homophobia in the city and we don't have a police commission that can hear us and make us feel comfortable and even when the land lords and we speak in the city of san francisco is not for us and we need to have the people who knows our diverse and knows who we are and the black police association has been around for 60 years and let's make this --. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> good morning, supervisors. my name is elisia phillips and i have been a member of law enforcement for 32 years and i am retired now and i served in the sheriff's department, and the district attorney's office, and the adult
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probation department. and after all that has been said, about commissioner turman, i too would like to urge you to reappoint him to the position of commissioner. thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public that would like to comment? and seeing none we will close public comment. and colleagues we have this live before us and, supervisor cohen. >> i would like to make a motion that we will accept or reappoint commissioner julius turman to the vacant seat number one and i would also like to make it with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> and as a committee report. >> thank you. >> and i wholeheartedly second that. >> and i will wholeheartedly third that as well and so we are together. and you could take that motion without objection. [ applause ] >> and i would like to
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thank mr. turman for your service, and congratulate you with it and go to the full board tomorrow and we will vote and i believe that surely you will be serving on wednesday, and thanks again, and appreciate all and everyone for the public being here as well. and madam clerk, do we have any other item? s >> that concludes our business. >> we are adjourned.
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